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Play End Of Nightmares

Ever drifted off to sleep in the middle of a book? Ever had crazy dreams? Ever felt unable to fight back? Not in this dream. Take control of the kid and destroy the darkness in your mind.Game controls: Arrow keys to move around.A, S, D keys...


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2010-09-29 18:34 Korice :

This water park building games is too fun. Play together hurry fast 。wahaah!

2011-01-29 18:34 lokiotta:

Wahaha!This water park building games So cool, playing an hour or two clearance has not ! Oil!Oil!

2011-02-29 18:34Wahaha:

This It was wonderful, playing nearly two hours before my highest score ! Love it so far, quality animation and good characters/storyline. But damn you Mardek for making me try to do a reaction to every attack...